Hey there everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been pretty busy with school and life. After some adjusting and some changes, however, I’ve decided to open up a Patreon, and I’ll be posting a brunt of my artworks ranging from sketches to finished work there. Every little bit helps!

I’ll still post a few select finished works on this art blog, but patrons get some nice extras! Hope to get back into the art swing of things, and eventually, Boonie will be joining in on Patreon with me as well. Please feel free to reblog, and thank you for reading! <:

Hey, everyone! We’re a bit late in stocking things, but we have prints and some specials going on! Please check them out, and we’ll also have keychains available soon. <:

Anonymous asked:
"Hello! Are you available for commissions? May I ask what are your rates (for chibi characters)?"

I’m assuming you’re asking me (boonie) since sai doesn’t do chibis haha my commissions are closed right now but IRL rates are here and gaia online I usually take about 150bil+ in items for a single chibi!

Store Open for Small Goods!

The store is open for charms and buttons! Most of the items are leftover from Anime Expo, but we’re open to any suggestions for button sets and charms!

I’m wanting to make more of the Monster Hunter button set I posted earlier, as well as a second set of monster buttons and maybe some prints in the future! If you have some suggestions on which monsters you’d like to see in the second batch, please message us your suggestions! We’re also open to any other items you’re interested as well!


Anonymous asked:
"are you going to put any yumikuri prints in the store? i'd really like to purchase your screencap redraw with ymir's arm around historia"

We only have two prints of yumikuri and that drawing isn’t one of them, I’m sorry! The two are the yumikuri balcony AU we posted a bit ago and Sai’s yumikuri pic where ymir was mid-transformation~

Post-AX Update!

Boonie here!

So here is the situation! We are trying to get a paypal issue fixed with our storeenvy shop, that’s why it’s still down. When it opens we will put up notices like everywhere (tumblr, twitter, DA) so watch for that as the official notice for the shop reopening! Thank you for waiting patiently!

Another notice is that, after we sell out of our keychains, we will NOT be restocking them! So I hope everyone who wanted keychains will get them when the shop reopens because we are going to retire them. It was a lot of fun making them and seeing all the pairings and different characters together but the cases take a lot of space storage-wise and they are rather heavy to travel with in bulk. Thank you for all your support all these years with our keychains! They were one of the top, if not #1, of our most popular items!

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone what they would like to see in terms of the following products:Buttons (sold in sets)

Clear double/one sided charms


Anonymous asked:
"It's July 8th and the shop isn't opened? Maybe our timezones are just that far apart or idk."

Check back within this week. Rest for us is kind of important.

Anonymous asked:
"hello! i was wondering if you are going to post your extra prints online for sale? im drooling over your free! print"

We will open up shop soon as we have a few things sorted out! Check back within this week!

Anonymous asked:
"what's the "motor" in the motorshingeki crossover?"

it’s derived from motorcity!